Key Advantages of a Professional Headshot Photographer

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In a globalized world, it’s not easy to stand out, especially in the business world, which is very competitive. A professional Seattle corporate photographer gets to the heart of you and combines your vision and expectations with the experience you want.

Here are eleven reasons why a skilled commercial headshot photographer is the best choice for your corporate, business, and executive headshots, no matter what industry you work in:

Get Hired

A professional Bellevue headshot photographer appearance was a reason why an employer hired 36% of the people they looked at. That means that pictures not only affect how you look online, but also how likely you are to get a job.


People want to know who is running the business, with whom they are doing business, and who makes decisions. A skilled photographer ties the executive’s personality to the company’s image and makes sure the photo shows thoughtfulness, responsibility, and hard work.


The executive’s job is to run the business, and professional photos help to show that. Most of the time, we feel our best when we look our best. Sharing a professional-looking photo can make you feel better about yourself and give your ideas for how to deal with problems.

Build Trust

Professional headshots show your peers who you really are by using photos that show you as you are right now. A profile picture from 10 years ago is a sure way to turn people off and make them wonder if they can trust you.

Attract People & Ideas

Lighting can make you look friendly and open to new ideas that could take your business to the next level, or it can make you look like you’re not interested in anything new. Studio lighting gives your photographer more control over light and shadow, which makes it easier to get a natural and interesting look.

Be Memorable

Surveys show that if your profile has a picture, people are six times more likely to remember it. After all, 75% of us are thought to learn best through seeing.

Be Authentic

You want to look like yourself in your photos, and a professional photographer knows how to make sure that happens. She gives you clear, sharp pictures taken with a professional camera to make sure they are accurate.

Get Promoted

If you don’t have a professional headshot, you’re not as good as those who do. Getting professional headshots gives you a clear advantage over the competition and gives you confidence in your professional skills.

Maximize ROI

How many times do you use a picture of yourself to represent yourself online or in the media? If you want to get the most out of your money, you’ll probably use headshots on a lot of different platforms, both online and at business conferences.

At Seattle Premium Headshots, we help business executives, actors, models, attorneys, tech CEOs, brands, and creatives stand out  – one shot at a time.