Do you hate having your photo taken? At Seattle Premium Headshots, we help business executives, actors, models, attorneys, tech CEOs, brands, and creatives get over their fear of having their photos taken – one shot at a time.

Our high end photography sessions are designed to convey your confidence, professionalism and reflect your personality and brand. We couple that with a stellar, modern headshot experience and facial expression coaching to capture you in your best light. Whether you need a simple polished portrait, group headshots for your whole company or a wide variety of poses and angles with a longer session, we get you the results you need.

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Headshots for individuals

Upgrade your professional image with standout headshots! Elevate your online presence and make a lasting impression. Contact us at Seattle Premium Headshots for a personalized session today. Let your success shine through captivating visuals!

Headshots for your Team

Revitalize your team's professional image with Seattle Premium Headshots! Elevate your collective online presence and make a lasting impression. Contact us to schedule a tailored session for your entire team. Let your unity and success shine through captivating visuals!
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Unlock the potential of your corporate events and brand identity with Seattle Premium Headshots. Share the vision of your project through captivating visuals that tell your unique story. Whether it's corporate events or branding images,We are dedicated to capturing the essence of your project. Elevate your brand's online presence today! Contact us for a consultation and let your story unfold visually

Client Reviews

Nearly 150 5 Star reviews on Google Maps

Vinh-Thuy NguyenVinh-Thuy Nguyen
20:15 31 Aug 23
This was amazing experience! I was somewhat nervous heading into my appt since I didn't know what to expect or have ever done headshots before. Joe and Christine were warm, inviting, personable, talented, AND funny to boot. Securing an appt was very easy with Christine and she was very communicative throughout the entire process. Joe definitely knew what he was doing with the camera. He was coaching me through the entire process and knew exactly how to guide me to look my best. I really enjoyed my time and all the photos. They were right - it was SO hard to pick which photos I wanted because they all looked so good and captured me very authentically. Highly recommend Seattle Premium Headshots!
Eric RulonaEric Rulona
00:27 18 Aug 23
Seattle Premium Headshots, helmed by the maestro of mirth, Joe, is a pixelated wonderland of self-expression. With a tilt of your chin and a twinkle in your eye, Joe transforms headshots into brushstrokes of personality.
Evelyn HolmesEvelyn Holmes
17:56 09 Aug 23
I am a repeat client, I absolutely love coming here. Amazing work! Thank you again! 🙂
Maju QMaju Q
17:08 28 Jul 23
My experience with Seattle Premium Headshots was easily a 10 star experience!Securing an appointment was quick; Christine is super friendly and responsive. She gave me great tips on what to expect during our phone call as well as asked thoughtful questions about the intent of the headshot images and what exactly I would be needing them for. She also suggested looking at their content to get an idea of what I wanted or bring in photos/poses for the look I was going for.After our phone chat, Christine set me up with their client portal which contained directions to get to the studio, invoices, videos for what to expect, etc. It was helpful!When I got to the studio, Joe and Christine were extremely welcoming. Christine helped me select my outfits and we took some test shots. For someone who hasn't taken professional photos before, Joe is a fantastic expression coach. He made me feel comfortable and I didn't feel stressed or anxious throughout the session. I feel like Joe and Christine did a great job of capturing me in a very authentic way. I LOVED all the photos we took and it was super hard for me to make my choices towards the end. Highly recommend Seattle Premium Headshots for your next glow up moment!
Annirudh DuddalaAnnirudh Duddala
17:17 14 Jul 23
Working with Seattle Headshots was an absolute pleasure. The time with Joe in the studio was so energizing and his pictures really captured my essence as a leader. This is an A team and will represent you well. Do not look any further!
Leslie ReisigLeslie Reisig
00:30 20 Jun 23
I knew from the get-go, that this was definitely the right place for my business photo session (real estate broker). I perused their website, and the sample photos shown there really did appear to capture both emotion and expression; that's what I'm after.Joe, the photographer, was completely ready and set up for my session at the scheduled time. He accommodated my request to include a picture of my precious mother as a focal point for my gaze by the camera to help me relax and played the calming music I had requested on his Spotify (Native American flute) also for peaceful ambience.He had a pleasant personality, but was also professional and really knew his craft. I didn't need the full two hour time slot. Joe helped me narrow the selections down from 138 shots to my top three in just a few minutes. I was well pleased with the results. I honestly really look forward to the finalized products, when they're ready.I had fun. The whole process was exactly what I expected- nothing short of excellent. If a selfie won't do, and you need to capture your emotions, expressions, essence and style, this is the place!!! Thanks for everything, Joe!!!
Matt Dela CruzMatt Dela Cruz
17:12 28 Apr 23
All I can say is wow. Joe and Christine made this experience a fun and comfortable one for me! I’ve had my headshots done numerous times in the past and what made me extremely happy with my time was the fact that Joe absolutely knew what he was doing (i.e. telling me how/where to move my body/face per shot) and Christine also helped immensely with choosing the best outfit combinations for each shot. They are also both so much fun! Truly a great time. I highly recommend Seattle Premium Headshots 🙂
01:12 24 Oct 22
I was very nervous heading into this session as I usually don't like the way I look in pictures. Joe and Christine were fantastic to work with and really helped me feel comfortable. I never felt rushed during the process and Joe had as a real talent for helping you look your best. We tried a few different looks and everything came out better than I could have hoped for. I would definitely recommend, you won't regret it!
Karen KozakKaren Kozak
21:24 04 Aug 22
So, I wasn't looking forward to a new head shot (10 years since the last). However, what a fantastic session with Joe and Christine! Professional, friendly, warm and fun! Not to mention, excellent photo's with so many to choose from. I was not expecting that. A master at his craft! Coaching is what everyone needs and they provided just that, both on their website with helpful videos' and during the session. Clearly a cut above most head shots that I have seen. Thanks!
Kelly WardenKelly Warden
18:09 24 Jul 22
Joe was fantastic to work with! I hate the way I usually look in photos but Joe made me feel great during the shoot and the final product was better than I ever could have expected. This was hands down the best photos I have ever taken!Joe really takes the time to get the best shot and to ensure you look your best. If you are on the fence about booking, just do it and have no regrets.
Meredith GibsonMeredith Gibson
16:59 22 Mar 22
I received terrific photos and had a great experience at Seattle Premium Headshots. Joe and Christine were able to talk me through posing for photos. I had never worked with a real photographer before and didn't realize the special skills one would have. Joe's communication skills were able to help me have very attractive photos and they both made the session very pleasurable. I also appreciated their assistance with my outfit choice and having a make-up artist available. All these parts combined to make wonderful photos.
Ko DemKo Dem
21:12 25 Feb 22
I had an amazing time at Seattle Premium Headshots. Both Joe, and Christine were respectful, patient, and so much fun to work with! Joe is a professionally trained, true master of his craft - he guided me with such precision through the entire session making sure he got the best photos possible. He made a few jokes and took some very good candid shots in addition to my professional photos- they are lovely and full of joy. Christine advised me on outfit coordination, picking out the colors that matched my complexion and overall image goal. She nailed it.Go see them. If you're on the hunt for a photographer, Joe and Christine have what you're looking for.

At Seattle Premium Headshots, we help business executives, actors, models, attorneys, tech CEOs, brands, and creatives stand out  – one shot at a time.