Choosing A Professional Headshot Photographer

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It can be hard to decide on a professional headshot photographer. Yes, if you Google “portrait photographers near me,” you will get a lot of results. But how do you know if they’re good and, more importantly, if they’re the right photographer for you?

When it comes to corporate headshots Bellevue WA, the right photographer can make all the difference between a great set and a meh set.

A good professional will make you feel safe, calm, and sure of yourself. If you’re not careful, the wrong photographer can make you tense up, which sends bad energy through the camera lens.

So you need to be careful when you choose a photographer. Headshot-takers who have never done this before can find their perfect photographer by using some tried-and-true methods. Here are our five best tips for finding a good headshot photographer.

Check out their previous work

Any good photographer will have a large portfolio of their work for you to look at. Check their website to make sure they have experience taking the kind of picture you want. If they only have studio work in their portfolio and you want a casual, creative headshot taken outside, they are probably not the right person for you. If you aren’t sure what kind of look you want, look at the photographer’s past work to get ideas.

Choose someone who focuses only or mainly on headshots.

There are many, many different kinds of photographers, from fashion photographers to photographers who take pictures of food. You need to pick one that focuses on portraits of people’s faces. After all, making a burrito look good enough for Instagram is not the same as making yourself look good enough for a promotion. Getting a good headshot is an art in and of itself.

Read reviews carefully

Many people choose a photographer based on what other people have said about them. Reading about what other clients have said about a photographer is the best way to find out what to expect from them and what kind of work they do. What should you look for when reading reviews? We suggest that you pay attention to comments about how well the photographer communicates with you before the shoot, how they act during the shoot, and how carefully they edit and follow up.

Communicate pre-shoot. A lot.

After you’ve done the steps above, you should be ready to contact one or more possible candidates. Our best advice is to call them, not send an email. Why? Because even a short conversation on the phone will tell you a lot more about who the photographer is and how they treat people. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone during a 5-minute phone call, you won’t feel comfortable with them on a shoot.

How to choose a professional headshot photographer – that’s a wrap

Getting your executive headshots Bellevue WA taken doesn’t have to be stressful. The right photographer will make you feel at ease and use their experience to make you look your best. If you follow our five steps, you’ll be able to work with a real pro.

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